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1,250USD $

Date: JUL. 16th – 22nd, 2017
Type: Regular Package
Deposit: Pay a 20% deposit online to secure your participation

The Jamaica Lacrosse Tournament (JLT) 2017 is a 7 day trip combining Lacrosse trainings and games with the Jamaican National Team, with exploring as well as surfing, fishing and relaxing on the tropical shores of Jamaica.

The Jamaica Lacrosse Tournament (JLT) 2017 is a sporting event utilizing a shared passion for lacrosse as a medium to develop friendship, trust and genuine cultural exchange between the people of the the rest of the world.  Unlike North Korea, Jamaica is swarming with tourists most of the year.  Oddly enough, most seem content to sip their margarita by the hotel pool without every engaging with a local Jamaican. We think that’s a shame so we thought we’d head down for some sports and brews and get to know the real Jamaican – and Jamaicans.

Regular tours are inclusive of:

  • Group transport throughout your stay
  • Three meals per day
  • Accommodation
  • Entrance fees to all excursions
  • Tour Guides
  • Tickets to all tournament games and events
  • Referees and field rental
  • Bottled water for games and practices
  • Tournament jersey
  • Equipment donation to Jamaican Lacrosse Association
  • Donation to support sports programs for athletes with intellectual disabilities in the DPRK
  • A good story to tell your friends and an even better memory
Pay a 20% deposit per item