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3,200USD $ 3,000USD $

Date: October 1-7, 2019
Type: Premium Package
+3 Day Pre-trip Extension (Darvaza Gas Crater): Not included
+3 Day Post-trip Extension (The Caspian Sea): Not included
Deposit: Pay a 20% deposit online to secure your participation

The Turkmen Ice Hockey League is a 7 day trip combining ice hockey trainings and games with the Galkan HC professional team with site visits of the most popular tourist attractions in Turkmenistan. Additionally, two optional 3 day trips (Darvaza Gas Crater and The Caspian Sea extensions) to “The Door of Hell” (Darvaza) and to the Caspian Sea, are made available to all participants.

Regular tours are inclusive of:

  • Minimum 3 hockey games and 2 trainings
  • Guides and translators
  • Group transport throughout your stay
  • Three meals per day as well as snacks periodically
  • Accommodation – basic room based on double occupancy
  • Entrance fees to all excursions
  • Tickets to all tournament games and events for spectators
  • Tournament jersey
  • Donation to support sports programs for athletes with intellectual disabilities in the DPRK

In addition to perks mentioned in the Regular Packages, Premium Packages are inclusive of:

  • Private airport transfers in Ashgabat
  • Private room throughout the trip
  • 9 rounds of golf at the Ashgabat Golf Club
  • Horse riding introduction at the Geok Depe horse farm
  • Horse riding tour in the desert
  • Off-road 4wd/motorbike drive in the desert (+3 day pre-trip extension only)
  • Turkmen sports tracksuit (+3 day pre-trip extension only)
  • Windsurf, jet ski or sailing at Yacht Club (+3 day post-trip extension only)
  • Exclusive dedicated electronic photo/video album for premium participants
  • Premium travel insurance policy*

*Some conditions regarding age, nationality and physical condition may apply.

Pay a 20% deposit per item