Looking for a unique, ethical and adventurous experience?


Cross-cultural adventures

Tours for adventurous, curious and open-minded global citizens who are passionate about the world and its people.


Sports competitions and exhibitions

Participate in international sports competitions aimed at professional and amateur athletes.


Capacity building and local development programs

Contribute to fostering socially inclusive communities through capacity building and development programs.

Howe International Friendship League Programs

Join us to bring changing perspectives in the lives of remote communities.

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We don’t want you worrying about anything at our events.  On our tours we take care of it all: transport, meals, accommodation, guides, entry fees and more!

Far from ordinary

It’s not that we think a good selfie makes a trip worth it, but our first event did yield some game-changers.  And the selfies have nothing on the memories.


Our tours are the exact opposite of a tourist trap.  Using sport as a medium for engagement, participants have the unique opportunity to engage communities beyond a superficial level.

Expert tour guides

Whether you want to learn about the local history and cultures or the flora and fauna that surround you, we always make sure our guides are unbeatable in their local knowledge.

Sustainable and ethical

Put simply – we care far less about profit than the impact we make.  We will never cut corners.  We will never compromise our morals.  We will always strive for excellence.

Opportunities for professionals

The HIFL partners with local community organizations to support our social programs.  If you are an elite athlete, trainer, coach or public health professional ask us about how you can help!

Overseas sporting events

What could possibly be better than playing the sport you love in a country you’ve never been to before, with some awesome people you just made friends with? That’s just what we offer you.

Custom tours

Fully customizable experiences for professional athletes, journalists, beer-league teams, corporate team-building managers, family reunion organizers or anybody else with a dream and a passion for adventure.  Got an idea?  We can make it happen!

Onward travel advice

Our trips usually last between six and ten days, but your vacation might be longer. If you need a bit of advice on how to extend your trip and see more of the region, we are here to help!

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Promoting goodwill
through the power of sport.


Wonders to discover and people to meet




Friendship spirit

Upcoming events

Kenya Ice Hockey Experience
Turkmen Ice Hockey League
Pyongyang Soccer League
Pyongyang Ice Hockey League
Jamaica Lacrosse Summer Camp
Central America


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Sport has a unique way of forging cross-cultural connections
where few previously existed.

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Turkmen Ice Hockey League
  • It is a unique opportunity for hockey enthusiasts and adventurous travelers to participate in a peace and friendship building event in the heart of Central Asia.

  • SEPT. 28 - OCT. 9, 2019

Kenya Ice Hockey Experience
  • It is a unique opportunity for hockey enthusiasts and adventurers to support the growth of hockey in Kenya.

  • DEC. 7-16, 2020

Pyongyang Ice Hockey & Soccer Leagues
  • A unique opportunity for hockey and soccer enthusiasts and adventurous to participate in peace and friendship building evenst.

  • MARCH, 2020 & SEPTEMBER, 2020

Jamaica Lacrosse Summer Camp
  • Play and coach lacrosse in Kingston with the Jamaica Lacrosse Association! When not playing you will relax on beautiful long beaches and coves or explore stunning waterfalls.

  • JULY, 2019