Jamaica Lacrosse Summer CampKINGSTON, JAMAICA | SUMMER SESSIONS, JULY, 2019

Play and coach lacrosse in Kingston with the Jamaica Lacrosse Association! When not playing you will relax on beautiful long beaches and coves or explore stunning waterfalls.

Hosted by the Jamaica Lacrosse Association (JLA), this is your chance to travel to the vibrant city of Kingston and help grow the game you love!  You will help coach high school summer lacrosse camps during the day and explore the beautiful country of Jamaica in the afternoons.  Best of all, you’ll return home knowing you helped the Jamaica Lacrosse Association achieve its dreams of producing world-class athletes.



Play and coach lacrosse in Kingston, Jamaica


Join community development projects


Explore the beautiful Caribbean and reLAX

About the event

The Jamaica Lacrosse Summer Camp (JLSC) is a sporting exchange utilizing a shared passion for lacrosse as a medium to develop friendship, trust and genuine cultural exchange between the people of Jamaica the global lacrosse community.  Unlike many countries in which the HI Friendship League operates, Jamaica is swarming with tourists most of the year.  Oddly enough, most seem content to sip their margarita by the hotel pool without ever engaging with a local Jamaican. Through lacrosse, you can get to know the real Jamaica – and Jamaicans, and gain an enhanced appreciation for an island that is so often misunderstood.

International volunteers will join local coaches and assist with their annual high school summer camp at the prestigious St. George’s College.  At the end of the week, we will join together for a friendly game between the coaches and youth players and host a private acoustic reggae performance!

  • Play and coach at the Jamaica Youth Lacrosse Academy Summer Camp
    In addition to the national team programs, the Jamaica Lacrosse Association runs a competitive high school development program. Every summer, they hold an intensive training camp to prepare for the upcoming season. They could use your expertise!
  • Community development projects with local children
    The reach of the Jamaica Lacrosse Association extends far beyond sport to projects that benefit the wider community. Over the course of the week, you will assist with some of these outreach projects, including delivering care packages to the elderly and visiting a local children’s centre.
  • Explore the beautiful Caribbean and reLAX
    For a lot of participants this might be the first time they come to Jamaica, and we wouldn’t want you to come to the beautiful Caribbean and only see a lacrosse field. We’re going to take you learn about the real Pirates of the Caribbean in Lime Cay, teach you how to surf and introduce you to some soulful, acoustic reggae.


The Jamaica Lacrosse Summer Camp (JLSC) is being organized by the Jamaican Lacrosse Association (JLA) in partnership with Howe International Friendship League (HIFL).

Who can participate?

If your idea of the perfect vacation is a weekend in Vegas or a trip to an all-inclusive beach resort, the HIFL might not be your best bet.  We’re looking for truly adventurous, curious and open-minded global citizens who are passionate about the world and its people.  Our past participants have included first time adventurists and expert nomads, skilled rookies and seasoned veterans, solo travellers and large groups.  Simply put, if you think it sounds fun and are willing to keep an open mind – get in touch!

This section is for informational purposes only and its content is subject to change.

The Jamaica Lacrosse Summer Camp (JLSC) is a 7 day trip combining Lacrosse training and games with the Jamaica Lacrosse Association, with exploring as well as surfing, fishing and relaxing on the tropical shores of Jamaica.


  • Day 1

    Kingston, Jamaica — Arrival

    First day in Jamaica | Saturday

    19.00: Arrive in Kingston – you will be met at the airport by JLA staff. With only one airport exit, you won’t be able to miss them!
    20.30: Dinner and check-in at St. Georges College
    21.15: Orientation meeting
    22.00: Organize donation bags
    23.30: Lights out

    Overnight at St Georges College

  • Day 2

    Kingston, Jamaica

    Full day exploring Jamaica’s capital | Sunday

    08.00: Site visit: Wake-up call and breakfast
    09.30: Depart for 9 Mile, St. Anne’s Parish for a Rural Community Development Experience
    • Nine Mile United Citizens Development Association
    • Locally grown lunch
    • Community Walk
    • Visit elderly shut-ins and deliver care packages
    19.00: Dinner and reflections
    22.30: Lights out

    Overnight at St Georges College

  • Day 3

    Kingston, Jamaica

    First day of summer camp | Monday

    07.30: Wake-up call and breakfast
    08.30: Meeting to briefly finish organizing donation bags
    09.00: Help set up for the High School Camp
    10.00: Active coaching and playing during camp
    13.00: Camp session ends, assist with clean-up
    13.15: Regroup at the dorm, have lunch and prepare to depart for Lime Cay
    14.00: Lime Cay — Receive a virtual history and lesson on the real Pirates of the Caribbean on this excursion and learn how Jamaica fit into the history of western European trade and development in the New World. What/Where is Lime Cay? Fifteen minutes by boat from Port Royal is a small, low-lying island cay with one of the most beautiful beaches in Jamaica.
    19.30: Dinner & Reflections
    22.30: Lights Out

    Overnight at St Georges College

  • Day 4

    Kingston, Jamaica

    Second day of summer camp | Tuesday

    07.30: Wake-up call and breakfast
    09.00: Help set up for the High School Camp
    10.00: Active coaching and playing during camp
    13.00: Camp session ends, assist with clean-up
    13.15: Regroup at the dorm, have lunch and prepare for afternoon activity
    14.00: Service Activity at Maxfield Park Children’s Home
    19.30: Dinner & reflections at St. George’s
    22.30: Lights out

    Overnight at St Georges College

  • Day 5

    Kingston, Jamaica

    Jamaica Friendship Games | Wednesday

    07.00: Wake-up call and breakfast
    08.00: Set-up for Jamaica Friendship Games
    10.00: Start of Jamaica Friendship Games
    13.30: Regroup at the dorm, have lunch and prepare for afternoon activity.
    14.00: Depart for Craft Market and Devon House
    17.00: Youth Lacrosse Game Night and Reception (Male and Female volunteers will suit up to play in a friendly game with boys and girls in the Jamaica Youth Lacrosse Academy).
    20.00: Dinner reflections
    22.00: Lights out

    Overnight at St Georges College

  • Day 6

    Kingston, Jamaica

    Last full day in Jamaica | Thursday

    08.00: Wake-Up Call, breakfast
    09.00: Depart for Service Activity at Maxfield Park Children’s Home
    13.30: Regroup at the dorms and depart for afternoon activities
    14.30: Surfing lessons and Beach Volleyball Tournament
    17.30: Jamaican Style Jerk BBQ Cookout
    18.30: Music and group reflections, a private set of acoustic reggae music with a soulful message meant to inspire you to make your life count to advance the common good as you prepare to depart Jamaica.
    21.30: Pack your bags and set aside one outfit for the morning.
    23.00: Lights out

    Overnight at St Georges College

  • Day 7

    Kingston, Jamaica — Departure

    Departure from Jamaica | Friday

    Airport transfers available on request.

This section is for informational purposes only and its content is subject to change.


SUMMER SESSIONS, JULY 7-13, JULY 14–20, JULY 21-27, 2018
7 days, 6 nights
Kingston | Lime Cay | Port Royal

Total cost per person:
1,700 USD

WHAT’S INCLUDED | Volunteer Program

Regular tours are inclusive of:

  • Pre-trip email and phone support
  • Airport transfers
  • Group transport throughout your stay
  • Three meals per day
  • Accommodation
  • Entrance fees to all excursions
  • Tour Guides
  • Surf lessons
  • Participation in Summer Camp
  • Bottled water for games and practices
  • Travel insurance
  • Donation to the Jamaica Lacrosse Association
  • A good story to tell your friends and an even better memory!

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The safety and wellbeing of Howe International Friendship League participants is of the utmost concern to us.  We regularly monitor the situation in all host destinations and maintain close contact with local community members.  If we feel that the security situation in a host country has deteriorated to the point that an event cannot continue, the HIFL will provide a full refund of all monies paid.

Our events always have a very friendly, easy-going vibe.  There won’t be much rough stuff.  That being said we recognize that injuries are always a possibility in any athletic sport.  For your wellbeing, trained first aid attendants will be present at all HIFL events.

All participants are required to show proof of sufficient travel insurance prior to embarking on their adventure.

How can we help you?

Please feel free to contact us with any question or concern you might have regarding our events.

Sport has a unique way of forging cross-cultural connections where few previously existed. Join us to bring changing perspectives in the lives of remote communities.

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