Getting to grips with the global picture on North Korea: South China Morning Post article

Are you struggling to understand what’s happening with North Korea at the moment?

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) received a large amount of exposure in the media worldwide in the last few months. Some articles provided thorough insights on the ins and outs of one of the oldest and most complex conflits since WWII. Others just took advantage of the recent battle of words between Trump and Kim Jong Un writing more sensational than accurate news to draw more visitors to their websites.

This plethora of information doesn’t help getting to grips with the global picture on North Korea. Fortunately, this article from the South China Morning Post does. Using graphics, maps and a structured analysis, it’s your chance to clarify your views on conflict that has been lasting for more than 60 years.…/to-understand-North…/index.html

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