PIFIHE 2016 | DPRK players line up for a handshake

You can join us next year in ‪#‎Pyongyang‬ ‪#‎northkorea‬ for some ‪#‎hockey‬‪#‎icehockey‬ against the ‪#‎DPRK‬ mens and women’s national ice hockey teams! In this pic DPRK players line up for a handshake with visiting players after their impressive ‪#‎victory‬! Part of the tour fees from all our events go to support ‪#‎sports‬ programs for ‪#‎children‬ with intellectual disabilities!

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Sport has a unique way of forging cross-cultural connections where few previously existed. Join us to bring changing perspectives in the lives of remote communities.

Gordon Israel
Managing Partner, Howe International

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