PIHL 2018 | The official propaganda posters have arrived!

The official Pyongyang Ice Hockey League (PIHL) propaganda posters have arrived!

You already knew about the world-famous North Korean propaganda posters (http://www.koreanposters.com/) didn’t you? Well now we have our own hockey specific posters for our Pyongyang Ice Hockey League (PIHL) events straight from Pyongyang, North Korea! It’s rare to see propaganda posters with a sports theme. Most are more political in nature.

Interested in getting one? Just contact us!

And don’t forget our next edition, PIHL 2018, is coing soon: 3-11 March 2018, in Pyongyang, DPRK (North Korea), to meet with the DPRK men’s and women’s national ice hockey teams!

Howe International Friendship Team

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