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3,800USD $

Date: December 9-18, 2019
Type: Premium Package
+4 Day Extension (Safari Expedition Extension): Included
Deposit: Pay a 20% deposit online to secure your participation

The Kenya Ice Hockey League 2019 is a 7 day trip combining ice hockey trainings and games with the Kenyan national team with site visits of the most popular tourist attractions of the country. Additionally, an optional 4 day trip (Safari Expedition Extension) to the world famous Masai Mara game reserve is made available to all participants.

Regular tours are inclusive of:

  • Guides and translators
  • 24 hour on-call group transport with driver (excludes extension)
  • Three meals per day as well as snacks periodically
  • Accommodation – basic room based on double occupancy
  • Entrance fees to all excursions
  • Tickets to all tournament games and events for spectators
  • Ice time and referees
  • Tournament jersey + one for local player
  • Water and beer for during/after game
  • Airport shuttles (hotel)


Regular tours are not inclusive of:

  • HIFL Jersey ($70 USD, mandatory for first time participants)
  • Kenyan visa
  • Travel insurance (mandatory for all participants)
  • Tips for local guides


In addition to perks mentioned in the Regular Packages, Premium Packages are inclusive of:

  • Airport transfers in Beijing and Pyongyang
  • HIFL jersey
  • Premium single room in Nairobi
  • Relaxing massage package for mid-tournament
  • Private wine and cheese tasting overlooking Nairobi at the scenic Ngong Hills (with premium local spirits and beer tasting)
  • Hot Air Balloon Safari (+4 day extension only)
  • Exclusive dedicated electronic photo/video album for premium participants
  • Premium travel insurance policy*

*Some conditions regarding age, nationality and physical condition may apply.


Premium tours are not inclusive of:

  • Kenyan visa
  • Tips for local guides


Pay a 20% deposit per item