PIHL 2017 Video Release | Pyongyang Ice Hockey League 2017


Dear Friendship League supporters,

As promised we come back, to you with the new video of our latest Pyongyang Ice Hockey League!

Those of you who came to PIHL 2017 know that we were joined by Pierre Dupont, a videographer specializing in North Korea. He captured some incredible footage of our time with the DPRK hockey program and, in conjunction with Magenta Films, created this amazing overview of what PIHL 2018 participants can expect.

Come join us next year for our annual #icehockey event in Pyongyang#northkorea from 3-12 March, 2018. Spectators and players can sign up at www.friendshipleague.org!


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Sport has a unique way of forging cross-cultural connections where few previously existed. Join us to bring changing perspectives in the lives of remote communities.

Gordon Israel
Managing Partner, Howe International

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